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Eh...Posted by Madeleine Grant 2014-11-25

Its ok... For adjustments you need to have 1, Longer durabilaty and boost when you kill another animal 2, Make the controls much easier 3, Make the running more realistic right now it looks like the tiger is going to the bathroom 4, Make a lunge button where you jump far and hit harder 5, Have the tiger find a mate and have cubs and hunt together 6, Put in poachers to add more danger where you have to run away so you aren't just battling a HIPPO yeah its a dangerous animal but still... Well that's all also it gets boring FAST. Make it better with my suggestions and 5 stars. Will reinstall if you update. Please respond seeing the responses to other people I would like a response thanks.

This is suckyPosted by elementsseal AJ 2016-02-20

What? What? You lose health over time. What? Really? And I totally agree with everyone that is giving you advice: cubs,mate,water,pounce,stalk,bite,sit,sleep,dens. You read them and you don't do them! People are giving you ideas to make the game better so you will get more downloads, but you ignore them! And customization is ideal too: you can be a girl or a boy, color, draw the pattern of stripes eye color, name yourself etc. Also, no health losing over time!And the running animation is really weird. Tigers don't run with their legs splayed out! Do this and I will download again and probably rate 5 stars. Thanks

MorePosted by Tim Mclaughlin 2015-02-16

Honestly this could be better in a good way it's awesome I just have an idea like add different tigers and have the sounds but the evolving should be more of not a point thing but a day thing as a day goes by for us the same thing for the tiger start them out as cubs and keep going tell you have a family of tigers and you can breed them with other tigers to make new tigers the tiger does need work on it's hind legs when it runs and jumping and climbing roars and purrs gets sick nurse him or her name them

Posted by Derpy Derp 2015-03-08

Why u have to make me die if i dont get the quest done in time? Excuse me but i find this game kinda hard to complete the quests when the animals are scarce. And why cant i eat the animals that i kill like the wolf simulator? Seroiusly im not gonna play your games (or tell ppl about them) if u dont add: a mate, a den, cubs, more animals, new animals, take away the walls that keep us in a certain area, take away the o.p. away from some animals, add better legs to the tiger, and plz respond

Newer gamesPosted by Alina Kravtsova 2016-07-21

People need to know that this game and other games like lion, fox, wolf, elephant, crocodile, and bear simulator are their older games and they have newer games that are better so stop hating them just for this and other games and start rating them on their other NEWER games. By the way the newer games are panther, cougar, pheonix, and dragon simulator. Those games are a lot better and are more challenging! So start rating them on those!!!!! (By the way pheonix simulator is MY favorite. )

ADD THIS IN PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!Posted by hi! hi! 2014-12-03

The tigers needs a mate, cubs and a den.But more then that i think you should put on the controls for the tiger to pick the food/prey up and take it to the den and eat the food/prey (the food wont go away to the ground) and add something to let the tiger jump to.And add a river for the tiger to drink water and add more animals like: crocodiles,lions..... plz add this plz I would like if you respond me about what you think of what i just said and if you would do something about it.

Love itPosted by Jade Brown 2015-01-10

Can you make it so the tiger does'nt die just slows down from a lack of energy add in a den ,mate and cubs, waterholes and make the onscreen bar an energy bar and when it is empty or near empty it makes the tiger slow down by 50% then when the tiger's energy bar is near empty or Severn empty and the tiger slows down it will be able to sleep in its den until it's energy bar is 100% full then we don't have to worry about the tiger dying. And make it so the tiger has hunger and thirst

Suggestion, not for this game.Posted by Blurg Eeer 2015-06-23

Can you guys possibly make a wild cat simulator? With online features(Mmo) and different breeds. Make them more realistic then "Cat friends." So we can hunt, pick up prey and such. Make an online clan with friends. Gawd that would be amazing. Choose your age; or make a feature where if you kill enough prey,you can buy your coat color. Each breed has a different selection, and certain breeds cost actual money. Cause we all know this isn't free. I'd even pay 5$ for a game like that.

I like it butPosted by Mario Kart 2014-11-27

U need more animals cuz it's like a peaceful enviromrnt until u find prey also needs more attacks and more places,people,waterplaces, and animals also dens family and more violence hey sorry.but I like wat I like also animals fight back but a more full environment can u make more games but 3d fighting like mortal kombat r wwe instead of puzzles and with storie modes and better controls and thx cuz I'll be playin your fighting games sorry but I luv fighting games

This isn't like the other gamesPosted by Lorie Johnson 2015-10-19

I don't like it because u have to kill an animal just to survive with your health alone that is just not like the other simulators, but when are you guys gonna make a wild peregrine falcon simulator, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PLEASE ADD THIS!!Posted by Avalon Ingram 2015-07-09

A tiger needs a den, a mate, and a family! It would be so adorable and much more realistic. I would LOVE this game if it had more to do. So PLEASE PLEASE add that and add what you said you were going to add (water, health bar, etc.) Also... pff... The running is hilariously distracting. Maybe you could fix that too? Please reply. Uninstalling for now... But don't get me wrong. I like this game. :-)

Posted by Sarah Yebouet 2015-09-20

I don't like how the tiger runs/walks can you make it to were we can have a den and cubs and pick if your a male or a female .and you can find your mate .and you can acualy feed your cubs. And we can drink water from a puddle or something. Please replied if you agree because other people get replied by you but me atlease put a word. Please add what I want please.

It's ok but...Posted by Lacy Ray 2015-04-10

The tiger needs a mate, you need to be able to mate, you should be able to be a white and normal tiger, you need a den,you should be able to eat prey,jump, you should be able to challenge other big cats and get more teratory, have cubs, climb trees, sleep at den, upgrade den, carrie food to den then eat,fix tiger running its weird looking .PLEASE RESPOND ASAP.

It was OK...Posted by tereasea tuleja 2015-04-17

But could you make some more simulation games like maybe ones with dragons? I really love dragons and can never find what I'm looking for. Plz reply and let the dragons have mates, dens, babies, and make it so that the dragon can be a baby growing up into a choice of a boy or a girl. And let it actually eat its food/prey instead of it going through the floor.

Hated itPosted by Peggy Rogers 2016-07-20

This game so stupid, like if you don't kill any animals you lose, like can't you just die from getting hurt by other animals, so if your reading this message you might want to listen to me about how this game sucks and that your gonna hate it so if I was you I would not download this game, I would download one of their other animal games

NOT BADPosted by Quamrul Matin 2015-04-22

It is good.but can't you add water to should also add a mate and cubs.and one more thing,you should not give time limit . With time limitation its not fun toplay.make also day and will be should also make the preys to eat.also blood.if you add those things I will rate it 5stars,I promise.But add those things

Walls walls walls and needs matesPosted by Autumn Reynolds 2015-01-14

I hate it because there are walls to sorround you and most of the animals go after you but the controls are really good so with the walls they give you a big space but not big enough+ it needs more animals and cubs a mate ya a mate sounds good so you can get baby's and train them to help you fight animals but it doesn't have that stuff

Posted by Jacquelyn Grandy 2016-07-04

Same with wolf sim, can you make it so that you can mate and have cubs plus a den and river because tigers like to swim? And can you make it so that you can eat the kill. And can you make it so that your health doesn't run out so quickly and make a pounce button and a call button so you can order your family to kill the prey for you.

I hate this stupid gamePosted by Liz Berberena 2015-02-27

I got this game n guess what I hate it because the tiger runs weird n u can't go in water because there is no water . But I also think its funny how the tiger dies it reminds me of Sims in Sims 3 pets the babies fall asleep n it looks like their diing. I don't get why the elephants all have horns not all elephants have horns.

Love it but needs new thingsPosted by Isabella Meinecke 2014-12-29

You should put more animals in it and other tigers so we can fight or mate with them, monkeys would be cool and so would rabbits ps it would be cool to clime trees and rocks it would be cool but I still like it still. O and my sis was looking at my game and said why can't you stalk your pray? You should add that in plz and ty

SOOOOOOO BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Posted by Joe Smith 2016-02-22

By the way,how are you supossed to eat. Am I forgetting something. Because I tried tapping on the dead animal I tried died scratching on it again and nothing even happens. I died probably about 5 or 6 times then I deleted the game because its so boring. I get the hunting part but I don't get the eating part

MehPosted by Rachel Pettit 2015-06-04

You should make the tiger have a mate and cubs so it can protect them from other tigers so you won't just hunt on this game, the tiger should also be able to have a den and bring the food back to the den so they could eat. If you add this on it I will give five stars also add some water so they can drink.

PLEASE ADD THIS IN!!!!!Posted by Hendrix Spacek 2014-11-27

Please add that we don't die and we live life as a tiger! Find a mate and a den and make babies, hunt for your family and your mate hunts with you and when your babies are old enough they can hunt with you too! Please add this and add this to the lion one then I will rate five stars ★★★★★ :-D

Can you help mePosted by Anna Byess 2014-11-23

I love the game but the graphics are a little different than what it shows in the pictures and it would be perfect if you could have a family and there was a little more controls. I saw that you replied to everyone else reviews so if you could reply to mine and help me it would be great. Thanks!

Make some updates pleasePosted by Laci Cheatham 2014-12-26

I'm thinking about some updates for this game please make a stalk button so its easier to catch prey and pounce button and do some whether things like snow rain cloudy night dusk dawn and day and eat prey to restore your health please comment back to see how you think about this update

Plz Read...Posted by lorna Kennedy 2015-08-21

The game is ok but the tiger needs a mate anf cubs.... It would be soooo cute if uou added family members plz take this into consideration because I really like this game and I will love it even more if you did add these things plz plz plz reply to me, I would really appreciate it!

Tiger gamePosted by Sylvia Novak 2014-12-06

Jade i agree that they should ad a jump/pounce button so that the tiger can pounce/jump on its prey/food and if she mates and has cubs it shows the person who is playing the game how life is when you are a tiger and ad a part were the cubs can feed/get milk out of the mother.

You can do better than this!Posted by Shattered Constellations AJ 2015-03-08

Oh come on! You can do better than this! The tiger needs a mate, cubs, water, AND it won't let me catch anything. It is always glitchy and it crashes on me. If you care about your game and the people that play it, then fix it and PLEASE reply. Until then, I am uninstalling.

YayPosted by Marissa DaRoza 2014-12-02

Add plz online and text and pic k if your a female or a mal or a kit and add a liaek so the tiger can Drink and pick upper the pray and have your own kits and Buy a den and lock it and make the tiger jump and clime trees Buy the Den for 100 point and sleep plz add it

Its okPosted by The Cashiers 2014-12-27

Well the legs are super weird and u can't stalk prey it should have way more animal's and the tiger should have a mate and cubs and a lion other than that its a great game and I agree with turbo rocket games water using necessary.reply back turbo rocket games thanks

Ok game, gets boring really fast...Posted by Amanda Hughes 2015-10-02

I am pretty sure none of these animals live in the same place as a tiger does, like a tiger doesn't live with hippos, giraffes, zebras,gazelles. A tiger lives in a jungle biome not a grassland. It would be extremely rare to find a tiger with these animals together.

Tigers don't live in AfricaPosted by Dave Kingdon 2014-12-08

There are no wild tigers in Africa, so this game was rather confusing. Hippos nowhere near water, and tigers hunting in open land. It's as if someone just replaced a lion with a tiger and called it quits. I applaud the effort, but this game makes no sense at all.

Need somewhat morePosted by arghya banerjee 2015-09-21

Can u add some cud, den accompanied with the tiger? It would fantastic if a free time option would be there. Moreover to more realistic u may decrease health will fighting with an aggressive animal. Other than these, it is superb and attractive towards small ones

ImprovementPosted by Khoi Nguyen 2015-01-15

Like jade said u should add mating and cubs and when the adult dies u switch to the cubs. Each tiger should have different stats like speed, strength, ability to go without food for longer etc. U should do this for all your games. Thnxs for considering.

Pls add thisPosted by johura akthar 2015-07-19

I really like it but can you add this getting a friend werever u go and other animals prey to fight over it i love this game i want to give you 5 then i thought of a 4 to add a diffrent thing if you did i will add 5thousend more star. Thanks!From Johura☺

Just a requestPosted by Sydney B 2015-08-31

Um i like it but can you make the tiger actually eat the prey instead of it sinking in the ground and please remove the deep sound like the one that sounds like a laugh its annoying please fix this i like the game but i will love it if you do my request

ADD IT AND I GIVE 5 STARSPosted by Shamaila Akra 2015-08-19


OkPosted by Niamh Kelly 2015-01-11

Pls reply The app only gives me 100 seconds to kill what they want me to kill. You should add some levels like me an easy level a medium level and a hard level like I said pls reply

I should add this....Posted by Mohamad Danish 2015-03-01

Made a storyline. At the beginning, the tiger have his brother and sister. But in the mid of this game, they two was dead. The tiger was alone after that and must survive in the wildness. Well, that is the what I think you should add in this game.

The Worst Game EverPosted by Jerry Palagiewicz 2016-03-28

Why weren't there other options? This game was bad because u couldn't find a mate, and u couldn't improve your characteristics. Why? I've seen u make better games so, why? I expected there to be a lot but, NOPE. This was so retarded and lazy

AddPosted by Brett Hopewell 2015-05-18

OK plz add more animals and make it were u can have a den And mate,also make it to were u can jump on bigger animals like elephants and giraffes also after u fully evolve your tiger let u change into different tigers like white tigers, etc.

Good butPosted by Adityapq - TDI 2015-02-16

I only have 100 seconds to play 1 game. You should add difficulties and save file. And a try one in which there is no time limit, points and quests. Just for fun. Otherwise its a good game and I loved it soooooo much. Appreciate this game.

Wild tiger simulatorPosted by Arien Guerra 2016-06-16

It's a great game and all but I have some suggestions for you: Add a home, mate, cubs, more moves, health, water and play let the tiger eat the prey! Make it more like the cheetah sim. Plz! I'll give you 500 stars if you do this! Thanks!

WrongPosted by Jacob Gillot 2016-02-23

You are so wrong it does let you eat dumby so you dont know what your talking about so you just got served in your face but sorry im being mean but will you be my girlfriend and how old are you are you white cause im white cameran stevens

What the......Posted by Animal Rescuer 2015-12-25

All the tiger can do is run and the running is hilarious so I can't even focus and I will reinstall this AFTER u fix these problems. Plz fix this, I really want to play this game without falling out of my seat laughing like an idiot.

HorriblePosted by Wulfy Animation Studios 2015-03-14

The game is sooo stupid. The controls are freaking horrible, you only get 100 seconds to complete many quests, and the game itself is freaking boring as heck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am never playing one of your games ever again!!!!!!

It's OKPosted by Oligoogle Device 2016-02-17

I think that it should be updated. It's just like cheetah simulator but it has much less options. You just basically hunt, hunt, hunt and hunt. If it would be more like wild panther simulator I would definitely give five stars!

Plz HADPosted by Eli McMichael 2015-03-20

I didn't like this game at all animations were bad there should me mates families and cubs. cubs should be able to grow and start their own families there should be more cover on the ground and more types of animals thank you

Loved It!!!!Posted by Taylor Reed 2015-02-03

It is so much fun! Way better than the Wild Wolf simulator. I agree that there should be a mate and cubs. I think that there should be like a cave where you can sleep in at night. Plz respond to see if you could do that.

ow don't like itPosted by Andrea Damasi 2014-12-25

i have wolf simulator and it's awsome. but this game does not show your talents his helt keep runing low there are no sound efects when the tiger attak's there shold be more options then run and scratch. thats my openion

Love it more than crocodile simulatorPosted by Patrice Warner 2014-12-14

It is really awesome man love it love it love it with a capital l nice job add some more please because crocodile simulator is d-u-m I hate it a lot oh it finish downloading add some more please I am begging you please.

Needs morePosted by Zoila Loyza 2015-12-23

Needs a female mate,cubs, water, energy bar,sleep button, bringing food to den button, fix the way it runs, I feel very lonley because I'm the only tiger, and Plz add water too. Oh, and plz add stray cat simulator. Thx

Ehh ummPosted by Cliff Dunn 2015-02-28

I like it but on all of the other games you can have cubs and tiger cubs are sooo cute so can you add some babies. PLeaSE. O and since you guys are awesome at making simulators can you make some kind of bird simulator?

Tiger simPosted by Daquavion Moore 2015-11-29

Why do you run out life so fast like thats real gay and I don't think you're should do that because I think I should upgraded for win every time you get touch your nose like now when you're running that's his real gay

Plz Addddd this!!!Posted by Luis Morales 2015-05-30

You should add you can stalk and have a mate, and you should add when you have a mate they can eat with you, and last of all plz add you can pick up the food PlZ RESPOND PLZ TRY TO FIX IT PLZ.OTHER THAN THAT GOOD WORK

Would be perfect if!Posted by Jessica Allen 2015-01-06

Water, mates, cubs, dens.. Stuff like that was added. To make it seem more like the real thing. I think this is a great start to a game. And I look forward to seeing it progress if y'all would be willing to add stuff

I'm going to be logical herePosted by Keep Calm and remember that you will die 2016-04-08

Tigers don't live in the Savannah. They live in Asia, Tropical Rainforests and other regions, but not in the Savannah, at least the Savannah where zebras live. Graphics could be better, but oh well. Its an OK game.

Wild tiger SimPosted by Azaliah Walker 2015-09-12

Why you don't have lions and a female tiger and the lion can be my friends and the female tiger can have two or five tiger cubs how about climbing and roaring and a mate if you add this I will rate it five or 100

I haven't played yet BUTPosted by N Derienzo 2015-01-29

please don't add health, energy, and food bars, or make a second mode that has them cuz I like to just run around and kill stuff, that's my style. Worrying about food and all that makes me sad, pls hear me out :)

So retarded that I actually had fun playing it.Posted by Ali R Dar 2016-03-12

This game was weird and retarded and there were not many options available. But I actually had fun playing it. Tiger runs like it has huge balls and thus can't close his posterior legs properly while running.

Yeah its okPosted by WolfieTheAnimatronic 12 2014-12-23

The graphics are good and i quite like it, but the legs when the tiger run are a bit... well, weird. They kinda look like they are kicking out simultanously. Please improve this and i will rate 5 stars.

BadPosted by William Clayborn 2015-12-24

It sucks that you're life goes away so fast. And it's kinda hard to kill the animals. But it's no bad. For a minute it was hard to steer but i got a hang of it. And your life goes away when you move.

Love all gamesPosted by Leilani Garcia 2015-08-30

I love all of the games but these games need a few things like you can chose your gender female/male,mates,cubs,& also free time plz add these and this will be the best game that has ever come out

Ehh.Posted by Sara Bazzford 2015-06-14

I play the wolf 3D simulator from this company and I love it but this is just no. There needs to be more pride members and I think that it shouldnt look like your trying to take a crap when you run.

Please AddPosted by Kaya P 2015-10-17

We need more tasks once they are gone is not fun. Also we need more animals to hunt. We should have a another sibling like a father because we had babies unless its a guy I don't know please agree.

Needs some additions.Posted by Caleb Louard 2014-12-21

Can u guys add free time? Also,I wish u loose health when an aggressive animal attacks you,and can u make the tiger pounce and stalk? The tiger also needs a mate. Otherwise this is a great game.

OmgPosted by Kizzy Corry 2015-08-10

I hate this.The cheetah sim let's you run,walk,has a mate and kids who help kill,has a home can sleep ,meditation ,protects it family can drink water and can jump do this and I'll rate 5 stars.

.Posted by Cameran Stevens 2015-11-29

I also have the wolf simulator and that lets you eat. This one doesn't. It would be better if we had more options to do. For example, like what gender you are. So please just add more things.

MehPosted by Lauren Zachow 2015-10-11

I dint like how you cant replenish your health, and you just die in the spot! But it is fun to hunt zebra. The attack button doesn't look like its doing anything but it is. Please add pounce!

Add this please!Posted by Hannah Walker 2015-04-02

This game is great and I really enjoy it but I think that instead of the tiger just running around on a hunting spree it should have to find a mate to have babies with. Please reply!

Posted by linda harmon 2016-02-08

I wish you were the female tiger and you found a mate and you could have baby's sins it doesn't I hate it oh and I have every free games like this one but they have you have babys

Why..??Posted by Karah Moochdog PJ 2015-10-09

Why do we have to lose health all the time what I mean is our health goes down ultimately and we have no family and we should have a choose of a white tiger or orange! FIX PLZ!!!

Not right territoryPosted by wayne scott 2016-08-05

This game would make more sense if it was a Lion instead of a Tiger due to the fact it is clearly in Africa. If it was a Indian Jungle with Asian prey it would be more realistic

ADD this PLEASE!!!Posted by Killer LIZARD 2015-07-08

Why do u have to loose health for nothing? Just make it stop and loose health just whenever other animal attacks u. And please make the tiger have like, 2 other tigers with him!

Cmo'nPosted by Ultimate Spiderman 2015-02-07

the health bar always keeps going down and why cant we sneak near our prey and kill them? Add a walk mode.Also the tiger when runs does look funny.........fix the legs movement.

Your games are Hands down the best!!!!! But I didn't like this onePosted by Kids Mc 2015-07-31

Your games are the best ever but could you add multiplayer please???????? and maybe mating?????? Thanks the best games ever except this one disappointed me uninstalling for now

Not my favorite.Posted by Valeria Hyer 2015-05-26

It's kinda boring. And I don't see, 'taking to the next level.' You should also make a snake simulator. IT WOULD BE sooooooo COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (And please take my advice)

Plz replyPosted by Libby Jones 2016-03-19

I like the game but plz add female tigers and other animals and at the start add something where you can pick the gender and its name I would like a reply to see what u think.

Bad game!!!!Posted by amishi pattanayak 2015-09-29

I thought it to be interesting but how can any tiger survive in such a less time. Cheeta game is better than it! It has broken my trust! Not expected this from Turbo games :-(

Didn't like itPosted by Giovanna Rayeburn 2015-07-31

But still do the cubs thing then I would get more of you're apps if u guys like better things get wolf online u need internet but trust me u will fall in love with that game

ADD THIS IN PLEASEPosted by Tommy Thompson 2015-04-03


Worst gamePosted by Harsh Vardhan Prashant 2014-12-02

Dont waste ur data downloading this game. No speed and direction control. Worst of all the tiger cant pounce. You wont be able to make a kill ever. Never recommend to anyone

Wild tiger simulatorPosted by Gayathri Nandakumar 2016-06-02

It is fierce and the tiger can fight with other animals and if we improve more the tiger's baby's will come and the tiger can fight with its tiger babies.

Posted by Dennis Presaldo 2015-02-14

Can please widen the area and make the trees denser and please add water and make the tiger drink,jump,stalk and have a mate a river perhaps will do the trick..please...

Tiger simulatorPosted by Karla Stork 2015-10-19

It needs some updates... 1. Make the health not go down 2.add a mate and a love button and cubs and den and last 3. You should add lvls this needs lvls of what you do.

ADD THIS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!Posted by Lee Bar 2015-07-04

Please add mates, a pack, and cubs that u can raise and yes the pack because once they have there 15 babies every 2 years they have a pack for 2 years PLEASE ADD IT oh

Awesome!!!Posted by Leah Gulotta 2014-12-31

Just like the wild lion simulator its just so awesome! I made it to the 15 quest but it uninstalled for some reason.. Same with some other games but I love it!!!!!! =)

Posted by Judy Starks 2015-08-03

Worst game ever what kind of Tiger do u know that runs like that and when u come up from behind on a animal how dose it see u I can see if it here's u but Idk whatevs

Wild Tiger Simulator 3DPosted by Tiffany buchanan 2015-08-14

You should add female tigers, dens, baby's, mating, and them eating the pary, water.I hope you reply to this. Maybe atfer you as this stuff I'll reinstall this game.

CoolPosted by Awesome Day 2015-03-21

I liked it but can u make it run better and add like an animal that already has food and the tiger fights the animal for the food to feed its family P.S. respond plz

Needs morePosted by anthony chong 2015-01-06

Needs more actions, needs to add pouncing, two paw strike, bite attack, maybe eating animations, stalking mode? Also how about a smell/wind sensor. Then will be epic

Posted by Emma arsenault 2015-07-28

Please add cubs and a heath and hunger bar maybe add that the cubs eat with u as well if u add them also add water so the tiger mom and the cubs can drink. Thanks

This game stinks alotPosted by Michael Ndegwa 2014-11-25

I can't even kill anything, The tigers don't even live in Africa, and the game doesn't let me tilt. If you can handle these problems, I'll rate you with 5 stars

Reply to Caleb LouardPosted by ċɽɣʂʈɑɭ ʈɧε ɠɭɑċεσɳ 2015-11-08

You don't have to do the missions if you don't want to,you can run around free without doing the mission. It is completely your choice to complete the mission.

ADD THIS IN PLZ!!!!!Posted by Virginia Gordon 2015-07-18

PlZ add in a female tiger where she gives birth to 3 cubs and you have to take care of them and raise them in a den. ADD THIS IN AND I WILL REINSTALL THIS GAME

SupperrrrrrPosted by Anupama Bezawada 2014-12-22

An asome game it would be better if there were health,water,etc bars and a house for it.If u add all these and make it a bit more tougher i would give a 5star

My favaurite animal..Posted by Mohd Zulkifli Bin Mohd Mokhtar 2015-11-24

I love a tiger so much but if rocket turbo company added pyton or anaconda simulator it will be great.Im love snake too.Also rocket turbo games is awesome...

Great game but....Posted by Chloe Hope 2015-05-02

Great game in all but add a den were the tiger could sleep and recharge a river to drink and for the tiger to pounce and also stalk and a tiger mate and cubs

StupidPosted by Penguinia 33 2014-11-30

I was running then I just died and I was chasing an animal and my tiger just started to die. SO stupid don't get unless you want just keep dying and living

Awesome gamePosted by Cookie Monster is life 2014-12-31

This game is awesome you get to eat and i got so much to tell you but before that let me tell you a little some thing this game is so awesome!!!! It is!!!

Just wanna say....Posted by Anja Pieters 2014-12-21

I am 14 years old and I love playing animal simulation games. I agree with Jade Steyn. And also give more time to hunt. Plz. Put also in some enemies plz.

Animations are not goodPosted by Isaac Thomas 2016-01-04

Please make it so we can change gender and eat things if u guys want a good one of these try wild panther sim it has real weather conditions it's awesome

??Posted by Eve Stockburn 2016-01-03

It doesn't let you eat and gives you only one min to complete one level! If I was you in wouldn't bother with this. P.s can you add more updates please?

PityPosted by Ali Yazdani 2015-10-09

When can you update it?!I can't wait.i love tiger .wich your tiger game be as good as your cougar or cheeta similar.pity this game could be my favorite.

Nice game butPosted by Ian Gabriel Ravilas 2015-04-08

Can you add mate,cubs,more upgrades,den and can u plz fix this (when the tiger runs it's feet is ridiculous) I will rate 5 stars if u fix my problem

She is the first I am not the first I am looking for the first I have not a greatPosted by john pillar 2015-05-25

Why are you know if I have to be a new York NY on the best way to do you I will have to be able at least a great day of this is the best way to the r

Posted by Patrícia Sedláková 2015-01-12

It's hard to catch animals. It is only about catching animals? Nothing else? But I uninstalled it at quest two - it is just too much boring for me :/

Posted by Sherrilyne Biala 2016-01-22

I want you to add some animals like Buffalo,lions,female tiger to mate and it will have 5 or more cubs and I want to have female lion to cross breed

Loraine CoronaPosted by Lorraine Corona Flores 2015-01-10

I like it more than the crocodile simulitor its my favorite also the wolf is so hard Ando krokodil the crocodile I can not even kill so rinoceront

Tiger's Awesome!!!Posted by erkwan kangdra 2015-07-21

Although you don't hunt in packs but that's how tigers hunt in real life and the animal's are huntable but zebra's don't live where tiger's live..

TerriblePosted by Daniel Greenhow 2016-01-15

You only get like 20 second to kill 4 animal and u get eaten by some animal Exeter DO NOT GET THIS APP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by SSO.Izabella 181 2015-02-23

Oh my god the hippo keeps attacking me could you make the hippo less powerful? Thank u message me back at 4 I'm at school I am only 8. By the way

HeyPosted by Naylish Hernandez 2015-01-01

Jade you don't know me but I read your request and I thought to my self you are totally right it would be very cute to have cubs running around.

StupidPosted by 2016-08-20

I mean seriously u have such a short life and come on your not even getting hurt ur just magicly dieing make it more like cheetah simulator!!!

Nice gamePosted by Shamsher Singh 2015-11-01

I think you shouldn't have made the lion/tiger etc etc lose health when a hostile animal attacks. Also, I agree the animal should have a mate

Posted by Kurt Grobler 2015-04-30

Pls reply you need to add a mate and cubs and a den and pls allow them to hunt with you pls we really need then I will give 5 stars if you do

Posted by 4blockkids 2015-08-02

I love the game but the only thing that I don't like is that I keep dieing and nothing is hurting me or killing me (I also agree with jade)

GreatPosted by brandon kelly 2015-01-13

People below yall are mad because it does not work for your phone it works perfect for my phone yall must have a trace phone g2 otipous boy

Please do this pleasePosted by Jeffrey adedje 2016-08-22

Why don't we only loose health if something attacks the tiger because I'm in joy in the game and I don't want to loose health for nothing.

Posted by Aryaan Khan Hashmi 2016-01-18

Its a such a stupit games first it is not free and the tiger dint have any mate and cubs if there is mate and cubs i will give five stars

Add plsPosted by Robin Singh 2015-09-20

Pls add water as tigers love water and add energy level food level like your all simulator games the live should be increase not decrease

Its ok but need more workPosted by najam saqib 2015-06-20

1st of all its always Runing like a dog and life is really short .. its need slow walk and sit like carolling then attack and grabbing ..

Animal lovers add thisPosted by Brandy Doty 2015-08-11

I thought it was fun as a tiger lover but they need to add where you have quests to mate and take care of cubs and feed th tell cubs!!

Tahmid UddinPosted by Juber Uddin 2015-04-02

If i were you i would add like a group of tigers so we can have a big batlle and i also want to make the tiger bite as well as scratch

Add this and it will be betterPosted by Emmanuel Nyelenkeh 2015-03-01

Add water. Add more animals. Add a good beautiful wife

Posted by Tony Orozco 2016-05-01

Cameren Stevens if this is not how you spell your name I'm sorry but your right all you said is right . Cheer for Cameren Stevens!!

Posted by 2016-12-31

I would not advise this game instead get the panther similator by the same companyit has much better graphics and more features.

AwesomePosted by DARK MEMORY 2016-07-03

So cool I've played this game for years but you know what would be even better? Add cubs,mates and dens that would be great thx

PLEASE FIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Posted by Brianna Moss 2015-11-17

I am deleting game it needs more controls, water, animals,den, cubs, graphics are horible, food is hard to get, and more energy

Needs an updatePosted by Micah Russell 2015-11-03

turbo rocket games have done better they should make it more like wild cougar simulator hopefully there is an update thank you

MorePosted by Darryl Smith 2015-01-01

It needs a den and cubs and a mate Maybe some water and you need more animals but apart from that it is the best game and ever

Posted by Ernie Rios 2014-12-25

Can you add stealth mode and where you can have a family,den,and hunt together or tell them to stay at the den plzzz comment!

One thingPosted by Justin Brett 2015-01-03

I don't like how the elephants swing their trunks. Please change attack or make them do less damage and I will rate 5 stars

Posted by Hehehe Hehehe 2016-09-14


Good game but...Posted by Jessica Corrigan 2015-03-17

Why cant the tiger actually eat the prey? because in your other simulator games such as the wolf one you can eat the prey

Posted by Izzath Jan 2015-02-21

Love it so much when i see the pix but its taking a long time to install and says error downloading lovit add more thanks

Seems funPosted by Shirley Langley 2014-12-30

Well i tried installing it and i had to do it over.I really want to play is there any way you guys can help me out here?

Not even installingPosted by Manjula Vasa 2014-12-23

I have 300gb free in my mobile but its not installing saying a reason that there is insufficient space on my phone......

Wow.......Posted by Ianjr Crisostomo 2014-11-23

This game simulator is the best simulator than other games!This is so good.I SWEAR TO GOD AND MY LIFE THAT I LOVED IT!!!

Fix plz!Posted by Rachel Snyder 2015-02-03

Its super lagging and won't let me catch any animals at all once I try it freezes and the animal is farther than before

I hate this game it wonkt workPosted by Paula Fanning 2014-12-05

I hate it bc bcicly all of my simulators dont work and so does this make simelators that work so i give this game a

I like this gamePosted by Defender Jack 2015-07-12

Its a good game u should get it lamo people I rate 10 hearts 5 black ones 5 white ones ♥♥♥♥♥♡♡♡♡♡

I like it but one thingPosted by Lisa Austin 2016-06-12

We cannot name the animals like in panther simulated I named mine Shadow then Fighter then blackberry then cramberry

Okay itsPosted by Khloe Carey 2015-02-27

So fuzzy in coolest thing is the new year and then we can be a lot of this message and then you are so awesome!!!!!!

Can you update it?Posted by Ali Yazdani 2016-02-12

Your other smiulator is great but tiger(that i love)is so awful.can you update it in order to tiger fans enjoy too?

OmgPosted by Jasmine Rothnie 2016-01-06

This was really weird OK? I uninstalled it the minute I got it. Which is strange, because I love cheetah simulator.

Tiger simPosted by Jamie Goolsby 2015-07-28

It sucked. What's with the tigers needs a mate and kids that help you should try wild cheetah sim.

THIS IS SUCK!!!!!!Posted by lolorp troller 2015-06-08

Im exited to open this,but i open this so slow loading and i wait this,my phone get power off........please fix it

zyanPosted by Zyan Green 2015-12-28

ducks it only had one thing to do I got wild cougar and it does more than that u can call your family on enemies

Love it but one thing...Posted by efrain sanchez 2015-02-14

Can you please add the cubs please and i am with jade i will rate this a five if u do it please all what she said

Roar and jumpPosted by nurul athirah 2016-08-13

I think this game will be more fun if you make the tiger jump to cacht the animal and please make the tiger roar

I hate itPosted by Roberta Crowe 2015-05-23

You die too fast you can't get family members your prey is too fast everything is not great do not get this game

Its okPosted by Natalie Pickering 2015-02-18

Plz let it have a pack and have a run botton so it is not runing all the time if you do this I will give 5 stars

FunPosted by Steven Ortez 2015-05-17

I just wish I could actually find a mate in the game and please could you add more attacks like a pounce attack

Minor problemsPosted by Demon The Angel 2015-02-20

Why does my health rapidly decrease? If I could get an awnser that'll be great. And it could use a few updates

CoolPosted by Andrea Winebarger 2015-10-07

I agreae to the tiger needs a mate and cubs know so the people who made this came add cubs and a mate too plz

Please add saving your game progress!Posted by The Screemu Wublin 2015-07-06

I love your games and I love these animals and I was thinking.. Hey... Why dont'cha add saving your progress?

Huawei media pad 7 youthPosted by Shoaib Khan 2014-12-06

Nice game but add some more tigers and tigress to mate and live with family so plzzzzz put some more features

Add morePosted by Gina Zoya 2015-07-28

Make it like the cheetah game.water,family members,den,turn night and day and I don't like that timer thing.

Posted by Arian Ghasemi 2015-04-17

I don't want hunger I die easy plz deleat it please add new maps like a lab and you turn into a mutant tiger

Hate it!!Posted by Antonia Ninahuanca 2015-02-10

I do not like when the prey keeps moving! You should put a slow motion button you push to creep on the prey!

HatedPosted by Girija Rajendra 2016-05-17

I agree with cameran Stevens even I have ware wolf simulator it is that lets me to hunt this thing doesn't

BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!Posted by Pam Formento 2016-01-20

Its better than over simulator games oh and your other sims are fantastic and Turbo Rocket Games you rock!!

EhhPosted by Judy Evans 2015-01-11

I didn't realy like it but its good that everyone else does hope yall have a better time playin then I did.

Please fix this gamePosted by Shonletta Griffin 2014-11-28

It's fun but can you make the turning a lot easier and can you add more animals and can you add family's.

HejPosted by Arben Spanca 2014-12-13

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahh gooooooooooooddddddddddeeeeee fggggggggggaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeee

Add this please....Posted by Shilian Hao 2014-12-06

Could you add a group of tigers here,And add some more carnivores like lions,jaguars,and other predators.

Add this pleasePosted by Moaz Mikail 2016-02-22

Tiger need a a female tiger mate and tiger need cubs please add this in the tiger sim this game is great

What went wrong?Posted by Emma Zing 2016-01-01

Why does the tiger run so weird? What's with the sky? Why isn't there any info about the other animals ?

Posted by candycane0 BunnyGods 2015-06-07

Simulaters never work for my phone Samsung.galaxy fame, the best apps are ones that do work ~hint` hint~

Posted by Ata Atak 2015-01-09

I love it but i think it should have a better attacks and it should have a den and have a mate and cubs

Way confusedPosted by Artist C 2015-10-15

Okay so i think you should just add more and be able to eat some how. I don't like how u die so quick 2

Good but....Posted by Donovan Corcoran 2015-02-25

Whenever I start to walk I take damage till I die is that supposed to happen??? If isn't plz fix!!!!!!

AWESOMEPosted by mask 122 2015-06-11

It is awesome but you should add things to attack like humans and add houses and add mates and cubes

CoolPosted by Katie Marshall 2014-12-30

Coooollll! Its reel cool for a free need to add a famliy and home . Please write back , Katie

Very BadPosted by Taha Ansari 2014-11-28

Should be able to pounce up on the prey. But not handled.. The simulation is far away for simulation

Such good simulator!Posted by Андрей Давиденко 2014-11-13

Wow, this tiger simulator is amazing! The world size is REALLY BIG! Nice graphics and controls! 5+++

Love the new updatePosted by Werner Gunther 2015-10-23

I really love it but can you please add some like he has a mate and some children and all of that tnx

I like jade's idea it should have a mate with cubs :)Posted by Ty Gallegos 2015-01-28

But are crocks necessary? And btw. Add a hunter or two to HAVE an epic challenge plz plz plz!? Add

Good gamePosted by Mohammed Ammar 2015-04-17

Good game but many thing is missing add den, cubs, river and add a button to make tiger roar (shout)

Love it!!!Posted by Samuel Scully 2014-12-06

It is the best game ever the graphics are amazing it is the best ever I have all of the simulaters.

Good gamePosted by SURESH RAWAL 2014-11-30

Nice game but should be like the lion one i.e.we can hunt in a pride. Reply fast turbo rocket games

Not that goodPosted by Rho the Ripper 2016-05-23

Give the Tiger the ability to pounce like the Panther sim and also let the Tiger make a family....

Loved itPosted by Shashi Prasad 2015-09-14

Very good game to hunt it is huntable you can hunt everything in your surounding it is very good.

I hate itPosted by lexie allen 2015-10-25

I hate it because you die in a matter of seconds. and you can't even eat or have a mate or baby's

Pretty coolPosted by Skylah Puckett 2015-06-02

Needs some improvement like cubs,mate,a pride, and a den. Plz add thx then I will rate 5 stars ;)

No pride??Posted by okoro valentine 2014-12-19

how do u expect a lone solo tiger to attack vicious beasts??....learn from the lion simulator 3d!

Not so goodPosted by sabir zubairi 2016-07-31

Need some adds when I start the game why health has start loosing. Make It like wild panther sim

Posted by Eshu Garg 2014-12-11

This is the worst game experience, developers sucks, I wonder why play store don't ban such apps

NoooooPosted by Marike Croukamp 2016-06-20

So far its the stiputest turbo rocket game my health runs out very fast like in every 1 MINUTES

Hate itPosted by Imogen L 2015-11-22

You run on the game so its hard to eat and catch prey so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE IT

I love it but add this ill be even happier then a mateing shark!Posted by lala piong 2015-02-06

Plz update it so you can mate and have cubs! Ill love it if you can do it and ill rate 5 stars

WHAT THE HECK!Posted by Gabby Berrios 2015-02-28

The app says that it downloaded but it's not installing and it won't appear on my home screen

Posted by Nicholas Cooper 2015-08-22

I play lion simulater and its amazing but please add a mate and cubs also add water please!!

Needs improvement...Posted by Amber Giesen 2015-06-19

I dont like it. It is boring you dont do anything but kill animals and the tiger runs wierd.

Posted by Chrisie Garzella 2015-12-17

I like it butt when u die u do not be sent back to your den u should go back where u dieed

Teriball game ever!!!!!Posted by Gemma Freemn 2016-02-14

This is teriball it's not as good as wild cheetah simulator! Don't install this game

NopePosted by Richard Garrett 2015-12-26

This game is okay. I think it is bad I like it because you can run but it hink it is okay!

Can you add thisPosted by Insanity Wolf 2015-03-05

Your health go's down to fast and it go's down wen you are not hit so can you fix this plz

Posted by Leo Marban 2014-11-15

It is good but i hate the way the tiger is dead because of it's energy and it runs funny

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Have you ever wondered what it is like to be real tiger? Now you finally have a chance to know that feeling!
Play as real wild tiger and survive in the wildness as long as you can. Evolve your tiger to dominate the wild world.

✔ Awesome RPG-style gameplay
✔ A lot of animals such as elephant, hippo, zebra and others
✔ Fast and action packed gameplay
✔ Dynamic runtime world
✔ Realistic wildness
✔ Great music and sounds
✔ Amazing 3D graphics
✔ NEW: Quest System

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