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Posted by 2016-12-31

I would not advise this game instead get the panther similator by the same companyit has much better graphics and more features.

GoodPosted by Samantha Cottrell 2017-01-01

It's a good game please add a den mate and let us have a family please that would be great

The best tiger gamePosted by Anginell Gillam 2017-01-11

I is greatttt u can get a mate when u are on the level 5 and have a baby

It's okPosted by Trey Wooten 2017-01-04

Make it more like wild panther the exact same

I LOVE TIGERSPosted by Lillyann Brown 2016-12-26

Tigers are : asome, funny,and cool

Tiger simulatedPosted by Kayonna Adams 2016-12-26

Have play it year but look fun

Good but....Posted by Aidyn Clark 2017-01-03

It need family but I like it

TigerPosted by Ram Magar 2017-01-03


Love itPosted by Madison Warnsley 2016-12-27

It a good game

Posted by Braj bhushan Chaudhur 2017-01-03

my hero tiger

Posted by Tomy Tunn 2016-12-29

I love tiger

I'm still watinig I installed this yesder dayPosted by Adrina Parker 2017-01-09

It at 72!

Posted by baran ahmadi 2016-12-26


Posted by 2017-08-01


Posted by 2017-07-31

عالی. کسافتا نصب کنید

Posted by علیرضا فلاحی 2017-07-28


Posted by 2017-07-24

I Sammy thinksor is good game

Posted by Muhammad Akbarpour 2017-07-23


Posted by Safaa Girgis 2017-07-21

I love it

Posted by Leandri Lubbe 2017-07-16

I love the game but fix these thing please,the way he runs,eats,sleeps,drinks and every thing

Posted by alireza ghasemi 2017-07-15

خوب است

Posted by Habiba Tamer 2017-07-14

The moving is bad

Posted by Emin Mancheril 2017-07-12

You should get better at the movement of the

Posted by 2017-07-11


Posted by Yosef Tamimi 2017-07-11

Very good :-):-):-)

Posted by 2017-07-08

This game is spookaaay but...it's ok it looks like the tiger as boy balls tho,um 1 ew 2 gross 3... NO DOWNLOAD

Posted by Marivel Harriman 2017-07-08


Posted by Jay Bobb 2017-07-07

Best game ever very good game nice gaphics

Posted by 2017-06-26

بازی خیلی خوبی است بای

Posted by shahab athar 2017-06-25

The best game in the world

Posted by Puworin 1 2017-06-18

عالی است

Posted by 2017-06-12

It wasent one of the beast turbo rocket games that ive seen but it could do better

Posted by Nyta Miller 2017-06-10


Posted by Ronak Agarwal 2017-06-06

Nice game

Posted by Usha Bainsla 2017-05-27


Posted by Vince Torres 2017-05-24

This game should be renamed hungry wild tiger simutator.

Posted by Anbreen Zafar 2017-05-24

It is a bad game never , think ofthis game

Posted by Charles Baltz 2017-05-20

HATED IT a tiger needs a den a mate and a boss please fix

Posted by Chrissy Hammonds 2017-05-19

The game suck

Posted by Misty Polizzi 2017-05-19

I think it is awesome

Posted by ccafam 2017-05-14

Please fix the tigers running it looks like the tiger is about too pee so fix that

Posted by Arwa Ahmed 2017-05-14

Not so bad like that I'm right or I'm not right haha haaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaahaaaaaa

Posted by saeed shahidi 2017-05-12


Posted by wlater payton 2017-05-09

I love tigers

Kau rasa best tak?Posted by Musrifah Abdul hak 2017-05-08

I rasa you alls rules no1000 patut bodoh

Posted by Sakshi Kamtekar 2017-05-05

Bad game...Not properly managed..

Posted by Mina Bishara 2017-05-04

Hey guys I played​ all of your games .... Why this isn't like the others : have a family ... I Coustmize my tiger ... Where is stamina guys ??! Please.fix it

Posted by Kids Kitchen Time 2017-05-01

Bada bakwas game hai

Posted by Assad Sayadi 2017-04-29

خیلی بد بود

Posted by 2017-04-27

I love tigers!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Exotic Pets 2017-04-24

so im not sure but it would be wonderful if it had babies and stuff and packs

Posted by Forough Khaefi 2017-04-23


Posted by brielle sims 2017-04-23

Lone tiger!

Posted by nabiha sheikh 2017-04-20

I liked this game

Posted by امیر مهدی ملکی 2017-04-19


Posted by Herr Bogel 2017-04-17

Bezzt taiga simmjulata off da woald

Posted by 2017-04-16


Posted by iris cohen 2017-04-13

Nice but when after I kill an animal a add comes up pkz take off adds

Posted by Damien Dempsey 2017-04-13

Fix the way the tiger runs make him run like a real tiger

Posted by Faith Healey 2017-04-09

Horrible becuse your health bar go's down so quick

Posted by 2017-04-07

Need word Epic

Posted by Mahendra Patel 2017-04-06

This game is good

Posted by 2017-04-03

Cool by the way Kabhi Kabhi hello Kavi Mere Dil Main

Posted by 2017-03-28

Thus game was terrible indontbthink I'll ever play this again

Posted by bailey the gamer 2017-03-21


Posted by Shawn Vincent 2017-03-11


Posted by sohaib omarkhel 2017-03-01

It really needs a mate and cubs if it had those things it would be the best game ever Plz reply. And add those things

Posted by Brittany Hogan 2017-02-23

It's great

Posted by Jose A Rivera 2017-02-20


Posted by Ryan Mathieson 2017-02-19

I need cub

Posted by Believe In Kitty Gaming 2017-02-17

It's alright but..... I think it needs water genders mates and other stuff also a den and cubs they would be so cute plz reply From, Miss.christi and people who wants this game to be better

Posted by himanshu dahiya 2017-02-13

Super game

Posted by 2017-02-12

Where are the poachers. And tigers live in jungles.. Not plains. Like seriously. This game is not even realistic environmentally.

Posted by Josh Lackey 2017-02-11


Posted by Chanchala Gadwe 2017-02-09


Posted by Vikas Ojha 2017-02-07

Good game

Posted by Soheil Seyeri 2017-02-07

نمیدونم چیه خخخه ولی فکر کنم باحاله

Posted by Jake VanDerSys 2017-02-04

It is cool.

Posted by Noah Goff 2017-01-22

i HATED it

Posted by Soldier Got Gamer 2017-01-20

I couldn't figure the damn game out

Mmm.Posted by alejandro mazeratti 2017-01-14

Dudo este juego es genial pero ahi algo que quiero saber...porque demonios se me baja la barra de vida?

Hated itPosted by Nishant Dokhale 2017-01-13


VerynicePosted by santhosh kumar 2017-01-13


SO ADORBSPosted by •Maggie• 2017-01-12


Posted by Sarthak Vatsa 2017-01-02

my hero tiger

GoodPosted by willow pelt warrior 2016-12-31

It's a good game please add a den mate and let us have a family please that would be great

Posted by Lily DeMeglio 2016-12-30

I would not advise this game instead get the panther similator by the same companyit has much better graphics and more features.

Love itPosted by Salem Draven 2016-12-22

So fun

Nice gamePosted by lps kitty products tv 2016-12-21


GoodPosted by Ain Nadhirah 2016-12-19

This game is very good

BoringPosted by Emma Jobe 2016-12-18

Sorry but this is like the most boring app ever and it's like you guys don't even care about this one it doesn't show you the steps the tiger runs funny no den no mate and I'm having a lot of trouble finding the zebra and gazelle I mean SRSLY if I wanted a boring game I would go to pokemon go Cuz to me that is boring. And you obviously don't care bout it Cuz in others like dog sim it shows you steps it allows you to sun fast there are mated and a den but SRSLY this game is boring I don't recommend getting:'

Roar and jumpPosted by nurul athirah 2016-12-17

I think this game will be more fun if you make the tiger jump to catch the animal and please make the tiger roar

Posted by Sohail Khan 2016-12-16

Where is my ADDA

UmmmPosted by Dawson Awesome 2016-12-16

His back legs are........well. ...um...stiff

L.n.rPosted by Landen Ryle 2016-12-15

If it had a den a family And a cub

Posted by Sureshchandra Malik 2016-12-15

I am looking

So boringPosted by The Cute Show 2016-12-11

Put a jump botton plz and plz when they hit dont mKe them stop its soo dumb what a watse of my time plz fix this if i were you i would think to fix this game right now ok?!

Posted by Kk Kk 2016-12-09

Best game

FantasticPosted by xXphoenixJoker _72 2016-12-09

I love all these animal simulators. I love them. Keep it going. I would also like other animals too! It's great

All yours other games are AMAZING but this one's badPosted by Caroline Petsinger 2016-12-04

Sorry I have to install it just telling the truth and Miracoulous mare nice my little pony I'm only 9 oh and turbo rocket make more messages me now or tomorrow at 4pm.

Loved it!Posted by Marcus Riddick 2016-12-02

This game is the total bomb! You get to sneak in the grass and, for some reason you run funny?

Posted by Vijay Kumar 2016-12-01

gr8t game

Posted by Radin Ra 2016-12-01

خیلی خوب است.

BoringPosted by Kaylee McGlamery 2016-11-28

So far all u do is run around and kill things

Call the tigers friendPosted by Shrijeet Barua 2016-11-27

I think it might be helpful for the tiger .

Posted by Kate Harshbarger 2016-11-26

Oh, hi there.

Posted by Nicole Williams 2016-11-25

Please add mate's!!!!!!!!!!!! It would be great!!!!!!!!!tell me what you think ln the afternoon! I'm only 8 by the way.can you teel me right now??????!!!???!!!???!!???!!????!!!!!!!

atoosaPosted by maryam mostajeran 2016-11-24


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Have you ever wondered what it is like to be real tiger? Now you finally have a chance to know that feeling!
Play as real wild tiger and survive in the wildness as long as you can. Evolve your tiger to dominate the wild world.

✔ Awesome RPG-style gameplay
✔ A lot of animals such as elephant, hippo, zebra and others
✔ Fast and action packed gameplay
✔ Dynamic runtime world
✔ Realistic wildness
✔ Great music and sounds
✔ Amazing 3D graphics
✔ NEW: Quest System

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