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This is suckyPosted by elementsseal AJ 2016-02-20

What? What? You lose health over time. What? Really? And I totally agree with everyone that is giving you advice: cubs,mate,water,pounce,stalk,bite,sit,sleep,dens. You read them and you don't do them! People are giving you ideas to make the game better so you will get more downloads, but you ignore them! And customization is ideal too: you can be a girl or a boy, color, draw the pattern of stripes eye color, name yourself etc. Also, no health losing over time!And the running animation is really weird. Tigers don't run with their legs splayed out! Do this and I will download again and probably rate 5 stars. Thanks

This isn't like the other gamesPosted by Lorie Johnson 2015-10-19

I don't like it because u have to kill an animal just to survive with your health alone that is just not like the other simulators, but when are you guys gonna make a wild peregrine falcon simulator, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hated itPosted by Peggy Rogers 2016-07-20

This game so stupid, like if you don't kill any animals you lose, like can't you just die from getting hurt by other animals, so if your reading this message you might want to listen to me about how this game sucks and that your gonna hate it so if I was you I would not download this game, I would download one of their other animal games

I hate this stupid gamePosted by Liz Berberena 2015-02-27

I got this game n guess what I hate it because the tiger runs weird n u can't go in water because there is no water . But I also think its funny how the tiger dies it reminds me of Sims in Sims 3 pets the babies fall asleep n it looks like their diing. I don't get why the elephants all have horns not all elephants have horns.

SOOOOOOO BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Posted by Joe Smith 2016-02-22

By the way,how are you supossed to eat. Am I forgetting something. Because I tried tapping on the dead animal I tried died scratching on it again and nothing even happens. I died probably about 5 or 6 times then I deleted the game because its so boring. I get the hunting part but I don't get the eating part

The Worst Game EverPosted by Jerry Palagiewicz 2016-03-28

Why weren't there other options? This game was bad because u couldn't find a mate, and u couldn't improve your characteristics. Why? I've seen u make better games so, why? I expected there to be a lot but, NOPE. This was so retarded and lazy

What the......Posted by Animal Rescuer 2015-12-25

All the tiger can do is run and the running is hilarious so I can't even focus and I will reinstall this AFTER u fix these problems. Plz fix this, I really want to play this game without falling out of my seat laughing like an idiot.

HorriblePosted by Wulfy Animation Studios 2015-03-14

The game is sooo stupid. The controls are freaking horrible, you only get 100 seconds to complete many quests, and the game itself is freaking boring as heck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am never playing one of your games ever again!!!!!!

ow don't like itPosted by Andrea Damasi 2014-12-25

i have wolf simulator and it's awsome. but this game does not show your talents his helt keep runing low there are no sound efects when the tiger attak's there shold be more options then run and scratch. thats my openion

Tiger simPosted by Daquavion Moore 2015-11-29

Why do you run out life so fast like thats real gay and I don't think you're should do that because I think I should upgraded for win every time you get touch your nose like now when you're running that's his real gay

OmgPosted by Kizzy Corry 2015-08-10

I hate this.The cheetah sim let's you run,walk,has a mate and kids who help kill,has a home can sleep ,meditation ,protects it family can drink water and can jump do this and I'll rate 5 stars.

.Posted by Cameran Stevens 2015-11-29

I also have the wolf simulator and that lets you eat. This one doesn't. It would be better if we had more options to do. For example, like what gender you are. So please just add more things.

Posted by linda harmon 2016-02-08

I wish you were the female tiger and you found a mate and you could have baby's sins it doesn't I hate it oh and I have every free games like this one but they have you have babys

Not right territoryPosted by wayne scott 2016-08-05

This game would make more sense if it was a Lion instead of a Tiger due to the fact it is clearly in Africa. If it was a Indian Jungle with Asian prey it would be more realistic

Bad game!!!!Posted by amishi pattanayak 2015-09-29

I thought it to be interesting but how can any tiger survive in such a less time. Cheeta game is better than it! It has broken my trust! Not expected this from Turbo games :-(

Didn't like itPosted by Giovanna Rayeburn 2015-07-31

But still do the cubs thing then I would get more of you're apps if u guys like better things get wolf online u need internet but trust me u will fall in love with that game

Worst gamePosted by Harsh Vardhan Prashant 2014-12-02

Dont waste ur data downloading this game. No speed and direction control. Worst of all the tiger cant pounce. You wont be able to make a kill ever. Never recommend to anyone

Posted by Judy Starks 2015-08-03

Worst game ever what kind of Tiger do u know that runs like that and when u come up from behind on a animal how dose it see u I can see if it here's u but Idk whatevs

This game stinks alotPosted by Michael Ndegwa 2014-11-25

I can't even kill anything, The tigers don't even live in Africa, and the game doesn't let me tilt. If you can handle these problems, I'll rate you with 5 stars

ADD THIS IN PLZ!!!!!Posted by Virginia Gordon 2015-07-18

PlZ add in a female tiger where she gives birth to 3 cubs and you have to take care of them and raise them in a den. ADD THIS IN AND I WILL REINSTALL THIS GAME

StupidPosted by Penguinia 33 2014-11-30

I was running then I just died and I was chasing an animal and my tiger just started to die. SO stupid don't get unless you want just keep dying and living

Posted by Patrícia Sedláková 2015-01-12

It's hard to catch animals. It is only about catching animals? Nothing else? But I uninstalled it at quest two - it is just too much boring for me :/

Posted by Sherrilyne Biala 2016-01-22

I want you to add some animals like Buffalo,lions,female tiger to mate and it will have 5 or more cubs and I want to have female lion to cross breed

Loraine CoronaPosted by Lorraine Corona Flores 2015-01-10

I like it more than the crocodile simulitor its my favorite also the wolf is so hard Ando krokodil the crocodile I can not even kill so rinoceront

TerriblePosted by Daniel Greenhow 2016-01-15

You only get like 20 second to kill 4 animal and u get eaten by some animal Exeter DO NOT GET THIS APP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by SSO.Izabella 181 2015-02-23

Oh my god the hippo keeps attacking me could you make the hippo less powerful? Thank u message me back at 4 I'm at school I am only 8. By the way

StupidPosted by 2016-08-20

I mean seriously u have such a short life and come on your not even getting hurt ur just magicly dieing make it more like cheetah simulator!!!

Posted by Aryaan Khan Hashmi 2016-01-18

Its a such a stupit games first it is not free and the tiger dint have any mate and cubs if there is mate and cubs i will give five stars

Posted by Tony Orozco 2016-05-01

Cameren Stevens if this is not how you spell your name I'm sorry but your right all you said is right . Cheer for Cameren Stevens!!

Posted by 2016-12-31

I would not advise this game instead get the panther similator by the same companyit has much better graphics and more features.

PLEASE FIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Posted by Brianna Moss 2015-11-17

I am deleting game it needs more controls, water, animals,den, cubs, graphics are horible, food is hard to get, and more energy

Not even installingPosted by Manjula Vasa 2014-12-23

I have 300gb free in my mobile but its not installing saying a reason that there is insufficient space on my phone......

I hate this game it wonkt workPosted by Paula Fanning 2014-12-05

I hate it bc bcicly all of my simulators dont work and so does this make simelators that work so i give this game a

OmgPosted by Jasmine Rothnie 2016-01-06

This was really weird OK? I uninstalled it the minute I got it. Which is strange, because I love cheetah simulator.

Tiger simPosted by Jamie Goolsby 2015-07-28

It sucked. What's with the tigers walk.it needs a mate and kids that help you hunt.you should try wild cheetah sim.

zyanPosted by Zyan Green 2015-12-28

ducks it only had one thing to do I got wild cougar and it does more than that u can call your family on enemies

I hate itPosted by Roberta Crowe 2015-05-23

You die too fast you can't get family members your prey is too fast everything is not great do not get this game

Hate it!!Posted by Antonia Ninahuanca 2015-02-10

I do not like when the prey keeps moving! You should put a slow motion button you push to creep on the prey!

HatedPosted by Girija Rajendra 2016-05-17

I agree with cameran Stevens even I have ware wolf simulator it is that lets me to hunt this thing doesn't

What went wrong?Posted by Emma Zing 2016-01-01

Why does the tiger run so weird? What's with the sky? Why isn't there any info about the other animals ?

Posted by candycane0 BunnyGods 2015-06-07

Simulaters never work for my phone Samsung.galaxy fame, the best apps are ones that do work ~hint` hint~

Very BadPosted by Taha Ansari 2014-11-28

Should be able to pounce up on the prey. But not handled.. The simulation is far away for simulation

I hate itPosted by lexie allen 2015-10-25

I hate it because you die in a matter of seconds. and you can't even eat or have a mate or baby's

No pride??Posted by okoro valentine 2014-12-19

how do u expect a lone solo tiger to attack vicious beasts??....learn from the lion simulator 3d!

Posted by Eshu Garg 2014-12-11

This is the worst game experience, developers sucks, I wonder why play store don't ban such apps

NoooooPosted by Marike Croukamp 2016-06-20

So far its the stiputest turbo rocket game my health runs out very fast like in every 1 MINUTES

Hate itPosted by Imogen L 2015-11-22

You run on the game so its hard to eat and catch prey so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE IT

WHAT THE HECK!Posted by Gabby Berrios 2015-02-28

The app says that it downloaded but it's not installing and it won't appear on my home screen

Needs improvement...Posted by Amber Giesen 2015-06-19

I dont like it. It is boring you dont do anything but kill animals and the tiger runs wierd.

Teriball game ever!!!!!Posted by Gemma Freemn 2016-02-14

This is teriball it's not as good as wild cheetah simulator! Don't install this game

Stvarno...stvarno -.-Posted by Ali Ulfkebert 2016-07-15

U know u could do better then this...U should add Cubs,Mate,Water,Den,Multiplayer ... plz

Um stupidPosted by D'Ana Young 2016-01-26

I hate it because you have to do a task and while running you die soon 1star stupid

Please ChangePosted by Damian Anderson 2016-01-10

Can u make it like ur cougar simulator but without the family then I will give it 5 stars

ReallyPosted by Joey Avila 2015-11-25

You can't eat have kids or have water. Worst one I have played of turbo rocket's games

Posted by sylas rigsby 2015-11-13

Tigers don't live on the African savanna they live in central and south America idiots

Posted by Aliyah Morales 2015-08-04

It was teribble it was just terrible it crashed every time I played so I got rid of it

Please replyPosted by Aaryendra De costa 2014-12-18

This game is horrible. You should be able to eat the animals and mate , have cubs etc.

Make it like thisPosted by Des Champs 2015-07-20

Can you make it like wild cheetah sim and i will reinstall this gam plz do that

Please read thisPosted by Shaji Mehar 2015-05-21

This game is waste that I want to tell all problem but my hand will broke out

BoringPosted by Crystal Henson 2015-04-06

I basically hunt something during 100 seconds. What's the point of this game?

RunPosted by 2016-08-11

When the tiger run the other animals also run but aggressive animals fight

not letting me download it =( =(Posted by jakekayla farrow 2015-07-23

Omg looks soooooo cool but cannot download it! I'm so so unhappy <(

QuestionPosted by Alexandru IVAN 2015-07-27

Can you get rid of it and recreate one in a forest and with more updates.

Posted by Maria Gomez 2015-11-22

Boring 1 button sorry tr and I want to run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHYPosted by Rick Tillman 2015-11-20

I cant eat and my health goes down automatically and i run terribly slow

OmgPosted by Amija Helser 2016-04-22

I tryed it i tryed to. Kill a animal and i died and it ran away from me

This tiger looks like half lynx half tiger because of the ears.Posted by angie Hernandez 2016-04-16

Also, I want the way like Wild Panther Sim 3D. Find a mate, raise cubs

Posted by Shannon Choquette 2015-08-05

I have no idea how to get health and it does not tell you how!!!?!!!?

This sucksPosted by Jose Zavala 2014-12-19

I am chasing a animal and the life quickly ends plus it sucks my d***

Posted by Sigrid A Gonzales Gonzales Katarina Rosa 2016-01-25

The tiger didn't have any cubs please add the free camera and a Roar

Worst game everPosted by Madiki Phoshoko 2016-08-30

The other simulator games do not make ur life go lower every second

TotesPosted by Laina L 2015-11-21

Make it live longer make the elephant weaker I die in four seconds

OmgPosted by Cool Tween 2015-07-05

HORRIBLE..more like a silly quest game that your a animal for it

SuckedPosted by Elias tadeo 2014-11-30

The game won't even start fix it then ill give it five stars.

Posted by Jason Torrejon 2015-06-11

Why does your health go down even if your not being attacked

Tiger simulatotPosted by Shayla Boone 2016-03-19

Weird look at the way it back legs are when you run its so

It won't download!?Posted by Robert MacLeod 2015-02-06

It gets to 100% but never downloads? Plz give me some help.

PLZ ADD THISPosted by Crazy Cute Coolcat Love xox 2015-07-15

The tiger needs a family and more controls and den plz!!!!

Tiger die quickPosted by Imani Villarreal 2016-06-08

The tiger can't eat to be alive and the tiger dies quick.

Posted by reditgamer 123 2016-04-21

It needs energy in stead of heath and energy being shared

BoringPosted by happyqueen merryheart 2016-01-24

I think this game needs more and it just makes it boring.

WhyPosted by Ann Mansfield 2016-01-16

Why does your life go when you are standing still you die

Plzzz put a mode on it to where we don't diePosted by Alyssa Long 2015-01-24

I hate this because the graphics and how fast you die :-(

SucksPosted by Joey Iaconetti 2015-01-29

If I could give it 0 I would to slow its just not fun

BadPosted by Unicorn Girl 2015-06-02

I think we should have longer to attack the animals

Not funPosted by Míśś Śàśśý Pàńťś {Kayla} 2015-02-16

My tigers health goes down i just don't like it

So dumbPosted by Lillie DuBois 2015-01-24

I want to start a family and do what ever I want do

Posted by Laboratorio Pedrito Diesel &Baraine medrano Santana 2016-04-27

Omg like make it like the other games like panther

Hated itPosted by Silverfox power 2016-01-10

Don't wast your time your health gose down to fast

Posted by Katherine Brechin 2015-05-09

It was rubbish I coudent catch 1 zebra it was crap

UghPosted by Sharay Lewin 2015-02-28

Worst u can't even eat things no blood this dump

You loose health when you run...Posted by Brenda Mendenhall 2015-08-02

It needs a den water mom dad and 3 baby tigers

Posted by Amin Kamo 2015-04-02


Posted by Ramesh Saini 2015-02-16

Can you make the tiger drink water or eat food

Posted by Oliver Telmo 2016-08-19

Hey pls make snake simulator ilove this game

Similar!!!!!!!Posted by Adele van Heerden 2016-07-07

Make it similar to phoenix sim please!!!!!!!!

LagPosted by Allan Frisby 2015-01-16

It tales too long (for me) for it to download

Posted by Wolf Lord 2016-05-08

Sucks compared to other Sims by turbo rocket

boringPosted by Jayona Brown 2015-08-16

i am never downloading this game ever again

I will install it only if you will add a city.Posted by Liza Petrynay 2015-02-16

I want to have some fun like goat simulator

Confusion over herePosted by Carlos Rivera 2015-01-10

Why do you die a lot easy and fast delete:(

it's stupidPosted by Maddie Bear 2015-11-28

I can't stay alive for at least one minute

No one should have the gamePosted by Angelina D'Cunha 2015-03-30

While I wait for it the info does not come

Posted by Mohammed Islam 2014-12-28

Its not downloading on my galaxy note 4 :/

It's rubbish and delete it.Posted by Isabella Merriman 2016-05-13

If there was no star I would rate that.

Read this!Posted by Emily Fogle 2016-02-22

If you are do not get it had it stinks!

Wast game everPosted by amith gupta 2015-08-28

Cant kill animals and add come in midle

Posted by GERSON MAZARIEGOS 2015-06-18

Needs to be like t rex game it not fun.

Posted by Saint-John Freshwater 2015-08-15

It is boring the cheetah sim is better

NoPosted by LapisWOLF55 2015-03-11

Don't install this game,it's terrible!

suckPosted by Isaac Harris 2016-08-05

tigers don't live in African savannah

SucksPosted by Kaylee Wood 2015-09-26

Don't get this its so fake and dumb

What??Posted by Jahnya Fryar 2015-07-23

This game sucks! The graphics suck.

RunningPosted by Destiny Sweet 2015-05-14

I mean the running just looks weird

تیگرPosted by Hassan Ashoori 2016-07-30

بدرد گو هم نمی خوره

Don't like itPosted by Jaylon Clinton 2016-01-02

It will be better if it had a pack

UselessPosted by christy charpentier 2015-07-13

So dumb abs it runs like a chicken

Worst game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Posted by Robert Wolff 2016-05-02

Hate it don't get worst game ever

Posted by Kong Lee 2015-08-15

Sucks I'm not Kong rnfhttmfgghv

Sucks animals need olny 1 healthPosted by Jana Warden 2015-01-17

Dont make it so you die in time

BadPosted by legendary super sayian Broly 2014-11-23

It stays on powers by something

Boo suckPosted by Jamya Cusic 2015-07-25

This game is dumb don't get it

dumbPosted by jayden lemuel 2014-12-29

its so dumb how the tiger runs

Tiger simulatedPosted by Kayonna Adams 2016-12-26

Have play it year but look fun

Posted by Rosie Vincent 2015-01-29

I hate this game its horrible

Posted by kerry bremner 2015-01-10

Its craaaaaaaappppp!!!!!!!!!!

Cont waste your timePosted by Hadi Shaaban 2015-02-10

Unrealistic and hard to move

Posted by Kiril Petrov 2014-12-11

Don't Play this stupid game

WhyPosted by Lois Ugalde 2014-11-22

It wont even let me load it

Tiger simPosted by Nazir Hussain Malik 2016-06-05

Its really a very bad game

Posted by Firdaus Nasharuddin 2015-11-28

To slow when i download it

I don't like itPosted by Crystal-Harmony Chiverton 2015-05-08

It tock 9H to you no Lode

SadPosted by deepali Pradhan 2015-03-07

Don't like killing animals

Add this plsPosted by A Google User 2015-07-15

It really cannot work !!!

WeakPosted by Terriese0629 Jalapadan1234 2015-11-20

This games totally freak

ALL IT DID WAS FORCE QUITPosted by Noah Farley 2014-12-09

Cool game if it worked

I hate itPosted by Kailee Bowman 2015-05-06

It does it make sense

LikePosted by John Andrei Lorca 2015-04-15

I like as !!!!!!!!!!!

Didnt have good qualityPosted by Freather light 2015-03-02

Seen better than this

Posted by Ceejay Hargrove 2014-11-16

I f*** hate this game

SucksPosted by Roberto Serrato 2015-01-26

The life is the time

To badPosted by Shubam Verma 2014-11-27

Don't download it...

Posted by sina moghaddam 2016-04-01

خیلی بیمزه

UninstalledPosted by camryn kenney 2015-06-23

Its just nooooooo!!

WorstPosted by Aseer Awsaf 2015-05-16

Not a piece of game

Posted by Rifat King 2015-07-06

Fuck this game the

Hate this game so muchPosted by The_Ultimate Gamer 2014-12-19

I hate how you run

Posted by Surender Kumar 2014-12-02

I hated this games

Posted by Xiong_ BOY 2015-06-26

All u do is hunt

Posted by Gabriel Adams Rosende 2015-02-18

Very stupid game

WorstPosted by Yusha Ali Raza 2015-07-01

Worst game ever

BoringPosted by Kameron Smith 2014-12-31

Not working gud

Posted by Mary Crawford 2014-12-30

This was boring

Don't downloadPosted by November Ospina 2016-04-13

Don't download

Love itPosted by Madison Warnsley 2016-12-27

It a good game

WtfPosted by shubham thakur 2015-05-30

What the f#@k

Its to boring......Posted by Anna Enojas 2015-05-18


Posted by Cassandra Timson 2015-04-01

Wont download

Posted by Jon Smart 2014-12-22

It's too hard

Posted by manisha chaudhary 2015-10-11

Amazing game

Posted by David Clarke 2016-07-22

Not so good

SuckPosted by Stephanie Hale 2016-04-30

Keep dieing

Posted by Sakina Bharmal 2016-02-04

Worst game!

Posted by Caoimhe Conroy Daly 2015-08-21

Die to soon

RubbishPosted by Oliver Collins 2015-01-28

Never works

Game is..Posted by patri shankar 2016-08-01


Posted by Mustafa Samed 2016-04-15


AwesomePosted by Danajah Ingraham 2015-03-20

It awesome

YakPosted by Dr Vivek Kumar 2015-01-04

Never open

NoPosted by Felicia Hunt 2016-07-13

I hate it

TerriblePosted by Geoffrey Hewes 2015-12-26

I hate it

Posted by anti Anti 2015-04-08

Good play

I'm still watinig I installed this yesder dayPosted by Adrina Parker 2017-01-09

It at 72!

Posted by Arindam Rakshit 2015-11-22

Too bad

Posted by josiah Jordan 2015-06-14

Wild 3D

StarsPosted by Vijaya Lakshmi Bobbadi 2014-12-24


Posted by SharpTooth Creepypasta 2016-04-17


StupidPosted by Maggie Ssnchez 2016-01-22


Posted by Kate Ray 2015-02-02


RamboPosted by Umesh Kumar 2015-03-02


I wish you can pick up the pray and take it to your cubs but its no mates plz I am begging you plz mPosted by Dominic Clayborne 2014-12-24


BoringggggggggggggggPosted by Jisha rajilesh 2015-08-09


Posted by Muddassir Ali 2015-07-09


Posted by Yamilka Madero 2015-06-23


Stupid it wouldn't let me downloadPosted by KinG Gaming 2015-03-14


Posted by Ali Boroofeh 2014-12-22


WowPosted by saurabh kosale 2014-12-08


Trying to find one that doesnt run weirdPosted by Lee Storey 2016-03-30


WorstPosted by Quran Boswell 2015-01-13


Posted by Habiba Tamer 2017-07-14

The moving is bad

Posted by Emin Mancheril 2017-07-12

You should get better at the movement of the

Posted by Anbreen Zafar 2017-05-24

It is a bad game never , think ofthis game

Posted by Charles Baltz 2017-05-20

HATED IT a tiger needs a den a mate and a boss please fix

Posted by Chrissy Hammonds 2017-05-19

The game suck

Kau rasa best tak?Posted by Musrifah Abdul hak 2017-05-08

I rasa you alls rules no1000 patut bodoh

Posted by Sakshi Kamtekar 2017-05-05

Bad game...Not properly managed..

Posted by Kids Kitchen Time 2017-05-01

Bada bakwas game hai

Posted by Exotic Pets 2017-04-24

so im not sure but it would be wonderful if it had babies and stuff and packs

Posted by brielle sims 2017-04-23

Lone tiger!

Posted by iris cohen 2017-04-13

Nice but when after I kill an animal a add comes up pkz take off adds

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Have you ever wondered what it is like to be real tiger? Now you finally have a chance to know that feeling!
Play as real wild tiger and survive in the wildness as long as you can. Evolve your tiger to dominate the wild world.

✔ Awesome RPG-style gameplay
✔ A lot of animals such as elephant, hippo, zebra and others
✔ Fast and action packed gameplay
✔ Dynamic runtime world
✔ Realistic wildness
✔ Great music and sounds
✔ Amazing 3D graphics
✔ NEW: Quest System

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