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Love itPosted by Jade Brown 2015-01-10

Can you make it so the tiger does'nt die just slows down from a lack of energy add in a den ,mate and cubs, waterholes and make the onscreen bar an energy bar and when it is empty or near empty it makes the tiger slow down by 50% then when the tiger's energy bar is near empty or Severn empty and the tiger slows down it will be able to sleep in its den until it's energy bar is 100% full then we don't have to worry about the tiger dying. And make it so the tiger has hunger and thirst

Can you help mePosted by Anna Byess 2014-11-23

I love the game but the graphics are a little different than what it shows in the pictures and it would be perfect if you could have a family and there was a little more controls. I saw that you replied to everyone else reviews so if you could reply to mine and help me it would be great. Thanks!

Make some updates pleasePosted by Laci Cheatham 2014-12-26

I'm thinking about some updates for this game please make a stalk button so its easier to catch prey and pounce button and do some whether things like snow rain cloudy night dusk dawn and day and eat prey to restore your health please comment back to see how you think about this update

YayPosted by Marissa DaRoza 2014-12-02

Add plz online and text and pic k if your a female or a mal or a kit and add a liaek so the tiger can Drink and pick upper the pray and have your own kits and Buy a den and lock it and make the tiger jump and clime trees Buy the Den for 100 point and sleep plz add it

Need somewhat morePosted by arghya banerjee 2015-09-21

Can u add some cud, den accompanied with the tiger? It would fantastic if a free time option would be there. Moreover to more realistic u may decrease health will fighting with an aggressive animal. Other than these, it is superb and attractive towards small ones

Just a requestPosted by Sydney B 2015-08-31

Um i like it but can you make the tiger actually eat the prey instead of it sinking in the ground and please remove the deep sound like the one that sounds like a laugh its annoying please fix this i like the game but i will love it if you do my request

I think...you should add this....Posted by Mohamad Danish 2015-03-01

Made a storyline. At the beginning, the tiger have his brother and sister. But in the mid of this game, they two was dead. The tiger was alone after that and must survive in the wildness. Well, that is the what I think you should add in this game.

WrongPosted by Jacob Gillot 2016-02-23

You are so wrong it does let you eat dumby so you dont know what your talking about so you just got served in your face but sorry im being mean but will you be my girlfriend and how old are you are you white cause im white cameran stevens

Loved It!!!!Posted by Taylor Reed 2015-02-03

It is so much fun! Way better than the Wild Wolf simulator. I agree that there should be a mate and cubs. I think that there should be like a cave where you can sleep in at night. Plz respond to see if you could do that.

Love it more than crocodile simulatorPosted by Patrice Warner 2014-12-14

It is really awesome man love it love it love it with a capital l nice job add some more please because crocodile simulator is d-u-m I hate it a lot oh it finish downloading add some more please I am begging you please.

Love all gamesPosted by Leilani Garcia 2015-08-30

I love all of the games but these games need a few things like you can chose your gender female/male,mates,cubs,& also free time plz add these and this will be the best game that has ever come out

Needs some additions.Posted by Caleb Louard 2014-12-21

Can u guys add free time? Also,I wish u loose health when an aggressive animal attacks you,and can u make the tiger pounce and stalk? The tiger also needs a mate. Otherwise this is a great game.

Wild tiger simulatorPosted by Gayathri Nandakumar 2016-06-02

It is fierce and the tiger can fight with other animals and if we improve more the tiger's baby's will come and the tiger can fight with its tiger babies.

Awesome!!!Posted by Leah Gulotta 2014-12-31

Just like the wild lion simulator its just so awesome! I made it to the 15 quest but it uninstalled for some reason.. Same with some other games but I love it!!!!!! =)

Reply to Caleb LouardPosted by ċɽɣʂʈɑɭ ʈɧε ɠɭɑċεσɳ 2015-11-08

You don't have to do the missions if you don't want to,you can run around free without doing the mission. It is completely your choice to complete the mission.

My favaurite animal..Posted by Mohd Zulkifli Bin Mohd Mokhtar 2015-11-24

I love a tiger so much but if rocket turbo company added pyton or anaconda simulator it will be great.Im love snake too.Also rocket turbo games is awesome...

HeyPosted by Naylish Hernandez 2015-01-01

Jade you don't know me but I read your request and I thought to my self you are totally right it would be very cute to have cubs running around.

GreatPosted by brandon kelly 2015-01-13

People below yall are mad because it does not work for your phone it works perfect for my phone yall must have a trace phone g2 otipous boy

Please do this pleasePosted by Jeffrey adedje 2016-08-22

Why don't we only loose health if something attacks the tiger because I'm in joy in the game and I don't want to loose health for nothing.

Add this and it will be betterPosted by Emmanuel Nyelenkeh 2015-03-01

Add water. Add more animals. Add a good beautiful wife

AwesomePosted by DARK MEMORY 2016-07-03

So cool I've played this game for years but you know what would be even better? Add cubs,mates and dens that would be great thx

MorePosted by Darryl Smith 2015-01-01

It needs a den and cubs and a mate Maybe some water and you need more animals but apart from that it is the best game and ever

Posted by Hehehe Hehehe 2016-09-14


Wow.......Posted by Ianjr Crisostomo 2014-11-23

This game simulator is the best simulator than other games!This is so good.I SWEAR TO GOD AND MY LIFE THAT I LOVED IT!!!

Okay itsPosted by Khloe Carey 2015-02-27

So fuzzy in coolest thing is the new year and then we can be a lot of this message and then you are so awesome!!!!!!

THIS IS SUCK!!!!!!Posted by lolorp troller 2015-06-08

Im exited to open this,but i open this so slow loading and i wait this,my phone get power off........please fix it

Love it but one thing...Posted by efrain sanchez 2015-02-14

Can you please add the cubs please and i am with jade i will rate this a five if u do it please all what she said

FunPosted by Steven Ortez 2015-05-17

I just wish I could actually find a mate in the game and please could you add more attacks like a pounce attack

CoolPosted by Andrea Winebarger 2015-10-07

I agreae to the tiger needs a mate and cubs know so the people who made this came add cubs and a mate too plz

BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!Posted by Pam Formento 2016-01-20

Its better than over simulator games oh and your other sims are fantastic and Turbo Rocket Games you rock!!

HejPosted by Arben Spanca 2014-12-13

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahh gooooooooooooddddddddddeeeeee fggggggggggaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeee

Add this pleasePosted by Moaz Mikail 2016-02-22

Tiger need a a female tiger mate and tiger need cubs please add this in the tiger sim this game is great

Posted by Ata Atak 2015-01-09

I love it but i think it should have a better attacks and it should have a den and have a mate and cubs

CoolPosted by Katie Marshall 2014-12-30

Coooollll! Its reel cool for a free game.you need to add a famliy and home . Please write back , Katie

Such good simulator!Posted by Андрей Давиденко 2014-11-13

Wow, this tiger simulator is amazing! The world size is REALLY BIG! Nice graphics and controls! 5+++

Love the new updatePosted by Werner Gunther 2015-10-23

I really love it but can you please add some like he has a mate and some children and all of that tnx

I like jade's idea it should have a mate with cubs :)Posted by Ty Gallegos 2015-01-28

But are crocks necessary? And btw. Add a hunter or two to HAVE an epic challenge plz plz plz!? Add

Love it!!!Posted by Samuel Scully 2014-12-06

It is the best game ever the graphics are amazing it is the best ever I have all of the simulaters.

Good gamePosted by SURESH RAWAL 2014-11-30

Nice game but should be like the lion one i.e.we can hunt in a pride. Reply fast turbo rocket games

Loved itPosted by Shashi Prasad 2015-09-14

Very good game to hunt it is huntable you can hunt everything in your surounding it is very good.

Can you add thisPosted by Insanity Wolf 2015-03-05

Your health go's down to fast and it go's down wen you are not hit so can you fix this plz

GoodPosted by Samantha Cottrell 2017-01-01

It's a good game please add a den mate and let us have a family please that would be great

Best gamePosted by Shubh Chawan 2015-08-16

All can also download crocodile, wolf, eagle, lion, elephant simulator 3d of turbo rocket

GreatPosted by Leaire Price 2015-11-20

It is the best game I played all the simulaters of animals and all of them are the best

So addictivePosted by Jesse Torres 2015-05-25

I played it for hours but being my simulation loving self uninstalled to try a new :-)

GreatPosted by foxes are my favorite 2015-02-10

It's pretty cool that you play as a tiger and hunt down animals or people I guess. ❤

I love tigersPosted by Nathan Massey 2014-12-18

The game is so awesome I never played a game like it it is the best game in the world

Posted by Jozie Payne 2015-06-08

I gotten other apps from this comany before it is just that they should have a mate

Posted by Mohamed Tamer Mamdouh 2015-03-09


add onPosted by Dorothy Coombe 2015-05-19

hey, i was wondering if you could fix the tiger runing. cause looks a bit silly.

GoodPosted by Sean Browne 2015-10-17

I'd recommend down loading a bunch of other games with it as it does get boring.

Best of the bestPosted by Rubina Waqar 2015-04-08

How would you like to fell what a tiger does cool so this is the game for you.

Realy boring.Posted by Kayleigh 2015-03-25

Extremely boring all you do is run around killing animals and getting points.

CanPosted by Kristine Boyd 2014-12-13

Can you ad cubs, mates, more texute, den, and make it not as hard to die plz.

AWESOMEPosted by GabMLG 2015-04-04

I love it its awesome well made since I love animals this is my type of game

RoarPosted by Rhyen Rayqauza 2015-11-07

I love how you kill and everything but they still should have more animals.

Love it but not like the lion simulaterPosted by Luisito Luna 2014-12-19

I wish that this game has a group so the tiger does not live alone hunting.

Hey turbo rocket gamesPosted by Morgan Hillknox 2015-01-28

Can you make a game where u can choose to be a male or female wolf or lion

The best tiger gamePosted by Anginell Gillam 2017-01-11

I is greatttt u can get a mate when u are on the level 5 and have a baby

Could do with some developmentPosted by Rocky Miscrits 2015-05-08

Overall a nice game give you full stars for that. Keep up the good work.

LikePosted by Erfan Gholami 2015-10-09

Very good game that the game maker of these game make person live game

So K sh so go cm so f. Yy so ts so GC cm yet r do r we jhPosted by Karthick Raja 2015-04-18

So dB USB tzu GC sf on so o' so ah yy sh Ñànas decanting JH eas he s

AwesomePosted by Anaya Bryan 2015-03-01

This is so fun it is the right game for u if u like chasing animals:-)

ExcellentPosted by Adeel Masood 2016-07-15

It is a great game and a little bit experience of a tiger Great game

Posted by Faith Ruiz 2015-05-04

I love this game its so much fun it feels like your an actual tiger

I loved itPosted by kaelyn SSG 2014-11-29

I have like killed every animal I love this game and nice setting=D

AwsomePosted by April Boggs 2015-01-18

This is an amazing game if you looking at ratings look at mine :-)

Posted by Sheri Hurd 2015-01-04

this game is the most awsomest game i have ever played in my life.

Do thiz plzPosted by Kevin Boone 2014-12-14

I think you should make it to were he could crouch down and hunt

OMGPosted by CrazyGTAGirlGamer 03 2014-12-28

So obsessed with tigers and tigers are one of my spirit animals

Great gamePosted by Nicole Schaffer 2014-11-22

I love it maybe you should add mating and tiger cubs great game

Plz add this :-)Posted by Yasmine Mall 2015-03-05

Can u make a eagle simulator. Were you can fly and everything!

This the greatestPosted by Ciliyah Beauty 2015-06-09

I love tigers and the cat family and see more likes for games

Love itPosted by Ashley Ayers 2015-03-29

Best game ever is like the only simulation game without blood

Posted by LPS Luckycharm 2015-01-30

Awesome plz make some new stuff like mating kits and all that

LOLPosted by Michelle Hurt 2016-07-05

How The Tiger Runs Is Funny (Not In A Stupid Way) ⊙﹏⊙

I love itPosted by Danitza Ruiz 2015-03-29

You should get it and fun I can play it forever in my life

JordanPosted by Stephanie Cowin 2015-03-21

This game was awesome but there are things hard in the game

MelindaPosted by Melinda Kukaj 2014-11-16

I love tigers and being a tiger is awsome I love it so cool

Same like power starPosted by M. Sandeep 2014-12-11

This game like power star pawan kalyan super duper awesome

Just wowPosted by Yanai Bamnolker 2014-12-17

Didnt expect this game to be that awesome good to know!!!

Best simulator games becausePosted by Joseph Wilenfred Alcaraz 2015-05-18

I like simulator games because I like to see them evolve

AwsomePosted by Angelica Gillette 2015-02-13

You get to kill animals you don'usually do that on games

I love this game but...Posted by Xmonic Krago 2014-11-30

Please add that you can hunt with other Tigers... PLEASE

Posted by Tahir Ansari 2015-11-23


It's amazingPosted by Krisha Wrest 2015-07-13

It soo fun to kill animals with my baby tigers☺☺☺

AWESOMEPosted by Mohan Bhandari 2015-05-04

It's very good game and thd graphics are also marvelous

AwesomePosted by Yuvaraj selva 2015-01-31

The game is very interesting and I loved it sooooo much

I love itPosted by Redneck Unicorns 2014-12-28

I love tigers their so cute when they rip your face off

Wow!Posted by sandeep jain 2014-12-07

It's amazing game. And it is 3D,it is more adventurous.

I love it!!!!Posted by Leah Colgan 2015-07-10

But i agry with jade but i like your other animal ones

AddictivePosted by Hannah Bala 2015-03-26

So good but can you add a people there that and monkey

NajerPosted by Mohammad Najer Hadji Daud 2016-04-10


Tiger is the bestPosted by M.H Hishaam 2015-08-04

It's a super games just download it,you will enjoy it

It's awesomePosted by Panter_ Gamer 2016-03-25

This game is so cool because it's my favorite animal

YessPosted by monie dorsey 2014-12-22

We need cubs and more other things like a mate plzzz

Loved itPosted by Juseff Fuentes 2014-12-30

Please do what jade said like adding mates and more

SuperPosted by Solomon H 2014-12-04

But can you plz put in breeding and other wild cats

Best game ★★★★★Posted by shingraf waseem 2015-07-02

Its cool u should cubs and and mates and a den plz

GreatPosted by Rayleen Salgado 2016-01-18

Great game.Wish you could add multiplayer tho :\.

Posted by Sebastian Aladin 2015-01-23

I think it should be more like the lion simulater

Posted by Vanessa Mayers 2015-02-16

:) can you have family members on this simulator

I LOVE ITPosted by Steve McCrorie 2015-01-01

Best game ever, and could you add some stuff too

AwesomePosted by ESTHER MATHEKA 2015-12-03

It a great game and has lots of cool adventures

like itPosted by Kamran Khan 2015-06-03

when I am playing the game I feel like a tiger

:DPosted by Dakota Kirkland 2015-12-22

i love all your games. keep up the good work!

AwsomePosted by Sanjay Jaiswal 2015-02-07

All words are less for this game.............

I wuv tigersPosted by PandaGaming j 2014-12-23

I loove tigers so this is the best game ever!

AsomePosted by Owen Daniels 2016-01-31

If you dont play this game you will be sorry

Posted by Iva Koprivica 2015-05-27

Dobra Ali Je bolja wild tiger jungle hang 3d

CoolPosted by libania libaniadaniel0324@yahoo.com 2015-02-28

I love animals and how they live its amazing

Posted by Shawn Russmen 2014-12-31

I love this game you mas try this game abang

Posted by Jagruti Haresh 2014-12-05

A very faltu game made by turbo rocket games

Hated itPosted by DuElPoKe 2015-08-09

Mad its mad everyone should download it lol

Awesome gamePosted by Aruna Podugu 2015-04-11

I Love this game. My child also enjoy well.

Posted by Ash Rich 2016-05-08

I have a tiger friend that's named tigeris

Posted by Audrey Burt 2015-07-14

My little sis hope is in love with tigers.

Posted by Nash Cabanting 2015-02-02


I have all 3 simulators of you and there amazingPosted by ajay basnet 2015-01-10

But please cubs and a family please please

The first best gamePosted by Sajid Sharif 2016-07-29

It's a good game and it's feature is good

Good GamePosted by AG AG 2015-08-22

Good.. ☆☆☆★★AG★★☆☆☆

Posted by olga villeda 2015-01-04

Love love love so asome you should get it

Posted by Varsha Dwivedi 2016-06-07

Can you make a normal simulator of this.

Its just like wild cheetah and fox simulator!Posted by Krazy ShibaGamer 2015-09-20

They all have the same features!:-) LOL!

نظر در باره ی این بازیPosted by amir amirkhani80 2015-03-25

اصلا خوب نبود عالی بود

ﺧﻴﻠﻲ ﺯﻳﺒﺎﺳﺖPosted by hossein kariznoy 2014-12-05


Posted by Abdullah Jabbar 2015-03-15

The AWESOME and PERFECT game!!!!!!!!!!!

Good jobPosted by lumotan 2015-10-24

Good job for creating I like it thanks

GodPosted by Joy Browning 2015-07-22

I hate the devil because he hates God.

Good game.Posted by Mohamed Risaan Risaan 2015-01-26

Nice I am waiting till the next update

Posted by David Page 2015-01-24

Really add some white tigers and stuff

Posted by Ajay Kumar Sanjay 2016-05-12

Please make one hippo simulator too

Posted by Elliot Hawkins 2015-11-09

I love butt you should add more stuff

OMGPosted by Erin Buckley 2015-09-07

i love simulater games like this one!

Yash GoelPosted by yash Goel 2015-08-30

Please download it for your enjoyment

I love it butPosted by tee penton 2015-07-30

I'm lonely!!I want a mate and cup!!!!

GoodPosted by Mariyam Mazmoona 2015-07-05

It is much better than goat simulator

LovedPosted by Jannu Arora 2015-09-19

Like a real tiger woooow!.......!!!!

AwesomePosted by Kristan Pellot 2015-08-07

I love this game it is soooo awesome

GreatPosted by Anna Byess 2015-01-05

Plex let us keep the mom my mom died

The control isPosted by Ahmed Afzal 2014-12-24

Control is not working. Pls set that

Posted by Dfgfgf Red D CXC Jew 2014-12-14

Очень классная игра

GOOD BUTTTT!!!!!!!!Posted by Mome Sinha 2016-04-30

All of them are right..............

Wild tiger simulator 3DPosted by Lindsay Garrett 2015-11-08

Pool poor ¶ flight effaced Sheehan

Tiger simulatorPosted by Alexa Sánchez 2015-10-28

I love it. You gays have to play it

Posted by satish shinde 2015-09-25


Very and excellent game to play........Posted by Suresh Patel 2015-09-13

This is a mind blowing game app....

Pls replyPosted by Louigi Rivera 2015-08-17

Pls add a girl tiger and a baby pls

I was wonderingPosted by Shianne Enos 2015-08-05

Can there be a white tiger as well?

Your games are the. Best...the crock was even better you gave water to the hippo`s and even had an Posted by Dan Lias Lias 2015-01-18


I LOVE TIGERSPosted by Lillyann Brown 2016-12-26

Tigers are : asome, funny,and cool

Posted by Sarata Gumaneh 2015-07-12

I think there should be more level

love itPosted by May Cosgrove 2015-05-24

I have three words I love the game

NicePosted by alex de franc 2015-03-29

Best than other animal stimulator

Loved itPosted by Zula Chagnaadorj 2015-03-14

This game is awsome no complaints

I got to be a tigerPosted by Jamie Gibbs 2015-02-01

I love the game you should get it

Posted by یاسین سپهوند 2016-06-16

بهترین حیوان بازی

Wild tiger simulatorPosted by Shaylee Martino 2015-12-21

Awsome but what about white ones

Posted by Yesenia Soto 2015-08-07

It's fan you have to hand animos

Posted by Michelle Lugo 2015-06-03

It is the best game in the world

Posted by Aady Jain 2014-12-02

Awesome game I have never played

SogandPosted by Rerity h.z 2014-11-27


I loved itPosted by Freya Julian 2016-06-18

Hi this is a great game to play

Posted by Varun Priya 2015-10-04

It's boring but you can try it

I like it,sPosted by Jayzard Xd2004 2015-09-25

I like it,s because i like it,s

Dipak more 555Posted by Dipak More 5555 2015-04-21

Rhkhhegjvz ...... Shbn

I love tigers and chetahsPosted by hanna sebastiani 2015-03-21

this is the perfect game for me

Posted by Mike Michalak 2015-01-02

Who would not like this game.?

Pogi si macmacPosted by heart agustin 2015-04-24

I sang araw may lalaki sa daan

Awesome gamesPosted by Margaret King 2015-10-17

Awesome games I have them all

عالیهPosted by Sina Sina84 2015-09-12

بهترازاین نمیشه

Posted by Ty Madding 2015-10-23

Luff dg g check f dvd Sr . 6

WowPosted by Padmavathi Yarukala 2015-07-20

Super machi ata superr machi

Posted by علی فولادی 2015-05-21


Posted by nasiruddin nahid 2015-03-02

That is a very interest game

Wild tiger simulator 3dPosted by umara shaheen 2015-02-08

My daughter loved it. Superb

Posted by marvel Clay 2015-01-15

He a tiger that a lone tiger

Kenyon BarnerPosted by Kenyon Barner 2014-12-27

This game will blow you away

Posted by Carmen Olivas 2014-12-25

awsome but slow to download

Posted by Robin Jones 2014-12-14

Best game in the world !!!!!

AmazingPosted by Randy Tootle 2014-11-23

Only problem is the graphics

Wild tiger 3DPosted by cassie simons 2014-11-21

I loved it It made me hungry

Good but....Posted by Aidyn Clark 2017-01-03

It need family but I like it

hi im sans and this game is crap ok Posted by Demi Domican 2016-01-09


NicePosted by Bijal Thakkar 2015-05-14

Looks like I am at a forest

Love it but....Posted by Markxander Sanchez 2015-03-24

Cool but i don't want score

Posted by A Google User 2015-02-14

Wow this is a amazing games

Tiger simulatorPosted by Bailey Matthews 2015-02-11

It's awesome best game ever

RAHUL ChandraPosted by Rahul chandra 2016-02-05

This game beautiful person

LovedPosted by Ibrahim Khurram 2015-03-27

Plzzzzzz add a pride to it

TIGERSPosted by EnderLenny 700 2014-12-11

Pls add cubs and mates PLZ

Posted by Moses Ray Zulaica 2015-12-07


Hot game yaaaaroPosted by Meet Patel 2015-10-22

Is pe to mara dil Aa gaya

Posted by 2016-08-22

چرا این نمیاد

Coolest game everPosted by abhay shrestha 2015-10-21

Nice and sumilating game

I love tigersPosted by KT Mcphee 2015-09-27

They are so interesting!

Loved it so muchPosted by Leo Wentz 2015-05-31

The best tiger simulator

Posted by Munaf Khan 2015-04-20

It is very amazing games

Sups coolPosted by Angel R 2015-01-20

The is an alone assassin

VrPosted by RZONE Aircon 2014-12-17

Goood game but difficult

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Have you ever wondered what it is like to be real tiger? Now you finally have a chance to know that feeling!
Play as real wild tiger and survive in the wildness as long as you can. Evolve your tiger to dominate the wild world.

✔ Awesome RPG-style gameplay
✔ A lot of animals such as elephant, hippo, zebra and others
✔ Fast and action packed gameplay
✔ Dynamic runtime world
✔ Realistic wildness
✔ Great music and sounds
✔ Amazing 3D graphics
✔ NEW: Quest System

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Have fun playing Wild Tiger Simulator!
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